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GI's Hold Teach-In

On August 10, a Saturday afternoon, several GI. and Vets told Berkeley citizens and the military where it's at. The 'teach-in,' held in Berkeley's Provo Park and sponsored by the Student Mobilization Committee, lasted for almost three hours. The ALLY was on the scene, passing out newspapers and talking with GIs.

It was difficult to determine the exact number of GIs present, or so the straight press claimed, because of the hippie types in attendance. Actually there were close to 100 servicemen, including those who taught, as the afternoon progressed. Most were in civies, but with whitewall haircuts and military shoes, they were easily tallied by ALLY "veteran observers." Too, there were several commissioned officers 10 the crowd - there to learn, not to spy,

The event kicked off with Donald Duncan, the retired Green Beret, who also served as M2. He complimented the peace movement for doing its 'homework'; realizing that the system, not the GI In the enemy at hand. Duncan recounted parts of his recent trip to RVN. Although the brass tried to spread unfavorable words about him to troops in the field, he still met supporters everywhere among officers and enlisted men. Other announced speakers included Ron Alexander, another special forces vet, Dennis Steele, recently a Sergeant in the 101st Airborn; AFC Michael Locks, a newcomer to the ALLY staff who is currently stationed at Hamilton AFB, Caiif.; Frank Grinnon, also Air Force, who is a former graduate of the West Point prey school; Vincent X, ALLY staff vet who served in Korea and Vietnam. The mike was then open to GIs and vets: an opportunity one in the service rarely has.


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