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Supporting Materials for Sir! No Sir!

Coffeehouses and other Anti-war Projects - Articles in GI Press Libraries

Projects (About Face! The U.S. Servicemen's Fund Newsletter, vol. 2, no. 1)

An Exciting Career Awaits You in the GI Movement (SOS, 1970)

USOs For Peace Are Coming (The Ally, no. 5)

Chicago Area Military Project

The Covered Wagon

The Echo Mike

Fort Dix Coffeehouse

Fort Jackson GI Center

Fort Knox Coffeehouse

FTA Project

The Green Machine

Haymarket Square

The Homefront

The Left Flank

Liberated Barracks GI Project

The Oleo Strut

Pentagon GI Coffeehouse

The People's Place

Potemkin Bookstore

The Shelter Half




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