Library - Investigations

Supporting Materials for Sir! No Sir!

Documenmts produced by the Army in
its investigation of the killing of Richard Bunch

  • Investigation

CID Report of Investigation
Investigators Conclusions
Substantiation of Conclusion

  • Criminal Investigators

Statement of Raymond Miller (criminal investigator)
Statement of Grant Winans (criminal Investigator)

  • Guards

Statement of Paul Calhoun October 11 (guard/witness)
Statement of Paul Calhoun October 14
Statement of Wayne Castro (medical orderly/witness)
Statement of Gary Hall (medical orderly/witness)
Statement of Scott Lawson (guard/witness)
Statement of Bryce Wolverton (guard who shot Bunch),

  • Prisoners

Statement of Linden Blake (prisoner/witness)
Statement of John Colip (prisoner/witness)
Statement of Clayton Reum (prisoner/witness)

  • Miscellaneous Documents

Autopsy Protocol
Confinment Order
Psychiatric Evaluation




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