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  • Flyers

9 Days in May (Produced by the staff of the the Oleo Strut)

To American GIs in Germany (RITA - ACT)

Attention GIs Under Attack (GI-CAP)

Black Panther Party Speakers (Rita Bulletin no. 46)

Camp LeJeune Marines Say: We've Had Enough

Come To A GI - Civilian Picnic (Riverside)

Coming Events at the Oleo Strut (Produced by the staff of the the Oleo Strut)

Counter Armed Forces Day Rally (Fort Carson)

Defend GI Dissent

Don't Let The Pentagon Court-Martial the First Amendment

Don't Scab (ASU)

Free Dr. Howard Levy

Free The Fort Dix 38


GI-Civilian Easter Peace March

The GI Movement Past and Present (YSA)

GIs for the War/Against the War (Rita Bulletin no. 45)

GIs Say: Bring the Troops Home, Send Hope Back Over! (ASU)

Hell No Don't Go (ASU)

Join the GI Movement (Produced by the staff of the Oleo Strut

March Against the War (Fort Hood United Front)

No Business as Usual (ASU)

Proposal for Concrete Support of the GI Movement (Produced by the staff of the Oleo Strut)

Reservists and National Guardsmen Say 'No' to the War. (Petition)

San Francisco Chronicle War Protest Issue

Stop It (New Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam)

Stop The War/Free The Camp McCoy 3

Stop the War Machine (Great Lakes MDM)

Support the GI Movement (Great Lakes MDM)

The UFO, a Coffeehouse

The United States Navy and Servicemen's Link to Peace Cordially Invite you to the Court Martial of the First Amendment

Petition to the Congress of the United States (Fort Hood)

Petition to Free Harvey and Priest (Fort Hood)

To the Representatives of the United States Army in Berlin

Vietnam Veterans Speak Out

  • Pamphlets and Publications

9 For Peace

American Deserters Committee Newsletter

American Servicemen Have Rights. Do You Know Yours?

An Exciting Career Awaits You in the GI Movement

Armed Forces and Resistance

Articles on the GI Movement from the Black Panther Party Newspaper

The California Veteran


Concerned Officers Movement Newsletter

Do GIs Have Rights? The Case of Lt. Howe

The Draft Call

Fact Sheet on GI Dissent

Fall In At Ease (Special Issues)

Fort Bragg Report

The Fort Dix Rebellion

The Fort Dix 38 Speak Out

The Fort Hood 3

Fort Lewis Collective

Fort McClellan Report

Free Speech for GIs - The Case of Howard Petrick

FTA Project

GI Alliance

GI Civil Liberties Defense Committee

GI Defender

GI Legal Self Defence

The GI Movement and May 16th

GI News and Discussion Bulletin

GI Revolts (Richard Boyle, 1972) - This is a PDF file

On GI-Civilian Solidarity

Steve Gilbert - Soldier in the Freedom Army

GIs For Peace

GIs Organize!

Great Lakes Movement for a Democratic Military

Green Machine Project

Help Us to Organize for Justice

History of the Fort Knox GI Movement

History of the Oleo Strut

How to Fight Article 15

Jane Fonda Press Release

Liberate Okinawa

The Oleo Strut

The Omega Press

The Organizers Manual

The Pacific Counseling Service

The Pentagon GI Coffeehouse Newsletter

The Potemkin Bookshop

Repression and the GI Movement

Riot Control? Hell No!

RITA Bulletins

The Shelter Half

SOS Newsletter

Strategy and Tactics for GI Organizing

Support Our Soldiers (Fort Bragg)

Support Our Soldiers (Fort Hood)


What's Happening in the Navy

Worms Eye View (of Nixon's War)


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