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On July 15 1968, eight young men publicly announced their resignations from the Armed Forces of the United States. Soon after beginning a 48-hour service of liberation and communion, the eight were joined by a ninth, Oliver Hirsch. They soon became known as the NINE FOR PEACE. All nine had been bsent without leave for poeriods of eleven days to several months. ... each of the nine was During the entire service ... each of the nine was chained to a priest or minister who wished to stand together with the NINE in resistance and brotherhood. Hundreds of friends joined in the service to show their support, and have maintained an around-the-clock vigil outside the Presidio Army base ever since. On the morning of July 17 ... atthe close of the service the NINE FOR PEACE were arrested by military police and placed in stockades and brigs. ... At the time of publication, all are still awaiting court-martials.

The Nine for Peace

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