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Supporting Materials for Sir! No Sir!

Armed Farces Day

Bloods, Panthers and Power

Coffeehouses and other Civilian Projects Designed to Support the GI Movement.

The Collapse of the Armed Services

This includes articles on AWOL, combat refusal, desertion, fragging, sabotage of military equipment destined for Vietnam, such as warships and bombers.

Active-Duty and Vietnam Veteran Organized Anti-War Demonstrations.

GI Movement Activists and a Number of Civilian Supporters.

These are arranged alphabetically and include both individual activists who appear in the GI press articles, such as Lt. Henry Howe (the first active duty serviceman arrested for participating in an antiwar rally), Allan Myers, Roger Priest and Andy Stapp. There are also links to articles about groupings of GIs, such as the Fort Dix 38, the Fort Hood three and the Fort Lewis Six. Wherever possible, the activist who made up these groups are also listed.

The GI Movement

GI Organizations

GI Press

GI Rights and the US Constiution

The Long Binh Jail Investigation

The Presidio Sit-in

This section includes materials found at the National Archives and recently declassified at the request of David Zeiger

Riot Control


Stockade/On-Base Rebellions and Riots

US Navy



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