Critical Responses to Sir! No Sir!

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Amy Goodman interview with David Zeiger / Colonel Ann Wright originally broadcast on Democracy Now , 5/24/06

Podcast interview with David Zeiger about Sir! No Sir! and his involvement with the GI movement

Interview with David Zeiger, originally broadcast on Redeye Co-op Radio

KPFA Sunday Salon (April 2, 2006) discussion of current and historic GI Resistance, inspired by the opening of Sir! No Sir! with Tom Bernard, Keith Mather, Cathy Orosco and David Zeiger

KPFA Sunday (July 30, 2006) disciussion about the current situation in Lebanon. David Zeiger, Peter Laufer and Susan Schnall are interviewd in the first hour.

Mark Gordon Interviews David Zeiger about Sir! No Sir! for G Living Live (quicktime format)

Dave Rabbit Interviews David Zeiger(Radio First Termer podcast)

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G21 Interviews: David Zeiger - Brad Balfour,

David Zeiger, The director of the film ‘Sir, No Sir!’ on GI resistance to war and why it’s essential now - Dean Kuipers, Los Angeles City Beat

David Zeiger – Interview With Sir, No Sir Producer. Documentary Craft - Attention to Detail - Bob Fitch, Santa Cruz IMC

Soldiers Pay: David Zeiger revisits a bygone era of military protest - Chuck Wilson LA Weekly

Good Evening, Vietnam - Richard von Busack,

The Insubordinates - Anthony Kaufman (originally published in Filmmaker Magazine)

Film Focus: Sir! No Sir! - Manoush Zomorodi (BBC World Servive - Talking Movies)

An interview with David Zeiger, director of 'Sir! No Sir!' - Wanda Sabir (originally published in the San Francisco Bay View)

Sir, No Sir! An Interview with David Zeiger (Originally published in Mother Jones Magazine)

Sir! No Sir!—The Evening Class interview with David Zeiger - Micahel Guillen (Originally published in The Evening Class Blog)

Interview with David Zeiger in Novoye Russkoye Slovo (Russian language, US based, national paper)



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